As you well may know, fruitcakes get an awful lot of bad press, especially the mass produced varieties. However, our rich homemade version is incredibly delicious. Made from scratch with fresh chopped Dates, Cherries, Pineapple, Pecans, Golden Raisins, a touch of Citron and just enough batter to hold them together. Where's the Cake??? Our Fruit & Nut Fantasy is a modified version of our fruit cake…..but with no cake. The fruit is held together by sweetned condensed milk! A versatile product. Have it for breakfast along with your morning coffee or after your dinner meal for desert. It's good anytime of the day.

Southern, homemade Pecan Pies like you've never had before. Our pies start with a flakey, homemade, extra deep pie crust made with Pecan Meal! Then we add our secret recipe of fresh eggs, real butter, corn syrup and vanilla…blended smooth and baked to perfection. What a treat! It's not just for holidays.Choose from our Traditional, Chocolate Chip or Fudge Pecan Pie.

They are all Kosher!

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