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About Us

B. C. Tanner Pecan Co. began as a family owned business in 1940 by B. C. Tanner, Sr.  The company first started accumulating and selling local pecans.  He soon expanded into a complete pecan processing plant in 1948, so he and his son (and new partner), B. C. Tanner, Jr. could serve customers on a regional scale.

B. C. Tanner, Jr. had always dreamed of opening a store that specialized in pecan candies and baked goods – and he did that in 1990 with the completion of the a new building, complete with candy kitchen.  From there came his first candy products… Pecan Pralines and Praline Bits (praline candied pecans).  The Praline “Bits” are not only our best-selling pecan product, but were also Mr. Tanner’s personal favorite.

Danny & Leslie Fox purchased the business from Tanner, Jr. in 2001 after they learned of Tanner, Jrs. desire to retire.  They were very familiar with the business’s assortment of mouth-watering candies.  In fact, they were longtime customers.  “We never left for our Christmas vacations before first stopping at Tanner’s to pick up Divinity for Danny’s mom,” says Leslie.  For the Foxes, Tanner’s was already a family tradition, which they intend to carry on.

Months of intensive training were required to cover the many facets of the business before the fishing could begin.  Beginning with the pecan grading and shelling, then to ingredient prep and candy making and on to packaging and marketing, much had to be learned.

The Foxes continue to learn daily as they develop new products and techniques.  Products like the Choco-Chips (chocolate coverd potato chips), Chocolate Pecan Pie, Pecan Pralines, and more have been added to the product lineup.  “They came in and learned fast,” says Tanner.  “I have a lot of confidence that they will carry on in good fashion.”

We take pride in the fact that everything is made like homemade: fresh, in small batches with all-natural ingredients.  Tanner’s lives up to its motto:

“Keep it fresh, keep it delicious,
and always of consistent quality.”