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We're more than just nuts!

Come and see what the nuts at tanners pecans are up to


Tanner’s Pecans and Candies is a family-owned business that has been providing gourmetpecan candies to our customers since B.C. Tanner started in 1940. We pride ourselves in creating a high quality product that provides that home-made feeling.

We take simple to a whole different level!

Why Choose Tanner's Pecans & Candies

Easy as Pie!

Our ordering process is as easy as “pie”, we do all the hard work while you have all the “fun” raising.

Pecans are very sought after!

They're healthy for your heart and delicious to your taste buds.
You can use pecans for many occasions, cooking, toppings, snacking, or any other combination
you can think of, a pecan will most likely work with anything.

We get you paid!

We provide pricing sheets and order forms. We will provide a final count of all products and we will calculate shipping costs and provide you with a total amount that can be paid via check or credit card.

Contact us today at (251) 473-4560 to learn more about our fundraising program and how we can help you achieve your fundraising goals.