How about a little history? Recipes for various nougat and sweet meringue-type confections (with and without nuts and fruit) can be traced to ancient Turkish and 17th century European roots. Food historians generally agree that Divinity is an early 20th century American invention because one of the primary ingredients in early Divinity recipes was corn syrup. At that time, corn syrup was a product actively marketed to American consumers as a sugar substitute. Corn syrup was affordable, practical and it adapted well to most traditional recipes. In 1902, the Corn Products Refining Company introduced Karo brand corn syrup, which is perhaps the most famous. It is no coincidence that early Karo cooking brochures contain recipes for Divinity.

Food historians have yet to determine the first person to call this delicious confection “Divinity”. The concensus about the name is that the finished product tasted “divine.” A survey of American cookbooks confirms recipes for Divinity (candy, fudge, rolls) were “standard items” from the 1930s to present. OK, now that history class is over…are you hungry for it today? Why fight the difficult recipes and the weather? We have perfected the recipe so you don't have to wait for a dry day (especially here in the humidity of the South).
Tanner's Divinity….It's the timeless Southern candy.It's Kosher (parve)!

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